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Turn Your Meetings into Actionable Reports with AI

Our smart A.I. can automatically generate a report that captures all the important information discussed during your meetings. Stay focused & productive, rather than waisting time in tedious manual tasks.

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AI-Powered Meeting Transcripts & Reports

With our adaptive reports, you can be confident that you have all the information
you need to make informed decisions and move forward with your projects.

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Connect with your favorite tools

By connecting Meety with popular video conferencing platforms, you can streamline your workflow & gain valuable insights from your meetings.

Summarize meetings with adaptive reports

Our solution uses advanced algorithms to transcribe the audio of your video meetings & then summarizes the key points discussed. This summary is then presented in an actionable report, tailored for the type of meeting, making it easy to review & follow up on important decisions.

Designed with privacy in mind

Your personal and business information is kept secure through the use of state-of-the-art encryption methods that comply with industry standards.

Organize meetings & reports with automatic classification

Our AI helps you to stay organized by automatically classifying and categorizing the meetings into different types (like brainstorming, 1:1 session, sales calls...), which makes it easy to find specific information and follow-up actions.

Never miss important details again with automatic & tailored reports

Our system can automatically detect the type of meeting that has taken place, whether it be a stand-up meeting, product meeting, or a sales call, and generates a report that is tailored specifically to that meeting type.

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